Your gift will amplify the voices of metastatic breast cancer patients, ensuring leaders with the power to save their lives do exactly that.

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Today: metastatic breast cancer means dying, often unheard and uncounted for, but it doesn’t have to be this way; and you can help create the change that is so desperately needed for hundreds of thousands of people.

Your donation will help bring the sense of urgency that is missing from metastatic advocacy. For far too long the non-metastatic community has been speaking for us, we have not had a voice in the breast cancer community, when we need it the most. We will no longer sit back and let people who do not understand our needs and the urgency of our mission talk for us. Your donation helps us be heard by those who can help.

This year we have an exhibit at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, and we are honored to be the only metastatic breast cancer-focused table in the exhibit room. We held two Die-Ins in Washington D.C. this year and have had representatives at several breast cancer conferences. This year it is our goal to have:

  • A METUP representative at every breast cancer conference
  • To lobby for more research for the treatment of metastatic disease
  • To coordinate more Die-Ins and protest across the country
  • A greater sense of urgency brought to our disease and the 40,000 Americans who will die from MBC this year.

Your valued donation can help make that happen! There has been no greater time for Americans to speak up and draw attention to the many underserved and under-represented citizens of our nation. THANK YOU for your support!

METUP is committed to changing the landscape of metastatic cancer through direct action. We protest and demonstrate; we meet with government and health officials and researchers; we support research into metastatic disease; and we speak out against the sexualizing of breast cancer. We are convinced that the deaths of women and men from metastatic breast cancer are a paramount issue, and we pledge ourselves to oppose all who deny the reality of the 522,000 people who will die from metastatic breast cancer globally every year while waiting for a cure to be found.